Nature and 


Nature and Wildlife

The Landings community is bordered by Roberts Bay and Phillippi Creek so fishing, boating and kayaking are just moments away and are a comfortable place for children to explore the world around them. The winding roads with large shade trees, neighborhood lakes, parks, nature trails, and access to Roberts Bay provide an idyllic setting for quiet observation, photography or reflection of the bounties that nature provides. Our natural neighbors include: red and grey fox, bobcat, raccoon, possum, otter, great horned and screech owl, Cooper's and red shouldered hawks, eagle, osprey and the occasional manatee in the creek. Occasionally one will see a friendly neighbor carrying a turtle from the street back to the lake where it belongs. The Nature Trail is about a quarter mile walk to a gazebo, where you can sit in the shade and watch the boats go by on the intercoastal waterway.