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Landings residents of all ages are invited to join the Sarasota Bay Watch Clean-up of Phillippi Creek

March 21, 2021

(approx. 8:30 am – noon)


 Please indicate your interest asap by sending an email to Maralyn Kaufman-David, LMA Environmental Committee Chairperson, at

Sarasota Bay Watch (SBW) is an action-oriented, non-profit organization dedicated to restoring coastal ecosystems through citizen participation. If enough Landings residents are interested, SBW will provide a guide to meet us at the nature trail gazebo on the morning of the event. Alternatively, participants will be able to join members of the public at the Phillippi Estate Park launch area.

Strict covid-19 safety precautions will be in place (masks, gloves, temperature scan, etc.) Waivers will be required for covid-19 and participants under the age of 18 years.

SBW will provide some kayaks if possible (about 10-14) and all necessary supplies to gather and dispose of the debris (e.g., Jon boats, plastic gloves, and plastic debris bags).

by Maralyn Kaufman, Environmental Committee Chair

 Eighteen species of birds were seen during our successful Audubon-guided bird walk in The Landings on January 23rd (namely, blue heron, cormorant, great egret, house finch, kingfisher, laughing gull, nanday green parakeets, osprey, pelican, pied grebe, snowy egret, spoonbill, spotted sandpiper, tricolored heron, vulture (turkey and black), white ibis, wood stork, yellow-bellied sapsucker). This is a great start to building a bird list for our community to share and enjoy.  If you want to contribute to the list, please let me know when you see a new species to add.  Please include the name of the bird, date and location of siting, and a picture if you have one! Send information to

Happy Hour

Join residents and guests for a get-to-know-each-other happy hour at 6:00pm in the Racquet Club's Lakeside Room, 

Check the calendar for the date of the next event.

Bring a beverage of your choice and an appetizer to share.  For more information, call the Club at 923-3886.  No charge.

Wildlife Notification

Please Keep A Safe Distance

Alligators are native to Florida and to the Landings.  While they may be seen in our lakes and other areas year-round, they are most prevalent during the Spring mating season when they move from pond to pond.

We share our wonderful community with a large variety of wildlife.  Alligators can live in harmony with humans as long as you follow basic common sense rules.

  1. Never feed gators or wildlife in the Landings.  It is against the law.
  2. Be observant and stay away from the edges of ponds and lakes
  3. Keep pets on leashes

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission will only remove Alligators if they are large and pose a threat to people, pets or property.  Simply seeing a gator in the Landings is not cause for immediate action unless they are deemed aggressive towards humans or pets.  All gators that are removed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission are killed.

Enjoy viewing our wildlife in a safe and responsible manner.